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Adwords users to get refund???

Per the LA Times, the US Supreme Court has refused to overturn a lower court's decision to allow a class-action lawsuit to proceed again the search engine and ad network. Stating that Google allowed low-quality websites' to display ads, the court sai

Google Adwords removes right-side ads!

Being implemented as we speak, Google has decided to drop all right-side PPC ads and will show just 3 ads at the top of each page (4 on rare occasions). The upshot is that if you are not shown in the top 3 for your ads low chance they will get seen/c

Instagram to open ads to all

Previously Instagram had opened their advertising to only a select few major international brands. News comes today that they will be opening up their ad network later this year to all interested parties - be on the lookout as early adopters can many

2015 Affiliate Summit West parties!

Sunday January 18, 2015 ShareASale’s “Under the Star Party” Main Sponsors: ShareaSale Details: 8pm-12am, January 18th, Hyde @ The Bellagio Hotel RSVP: http://blog.shareasale.com/shareasale-15th-anniversary-party/ Notes: Open bar, our fa

Matomy Media acquires MobFox

Per TechCrunch, Matomy Media Group based in Israel has acquired Australian based mobile ad network MobFox for $17.6 million. This is expected to expand Matomy's presence in the mobile media world in short order.

Millionaire Network closes!

Not quite living up to their name, the Millionaire Network closes doors, leaving affiliates on the hook for $$$ in payments. Famous for their Affiliate Summit West booths with doormen, security and a velvet rope and guest list, apparently that wasn't