Matomy Media acquires MobFox

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Per TechCrunch, Matomy Media Group based in Israel has acquired Australian based mobile ad network MobFox for $17.6 million. This is expected to expand Matomy’s presence in the mobile media world in short order.

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Millionaire Network closes!

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Not quite living up to their name, the Millionaire Network closes doors, leaving affiliates on the hook for $$$ in payments. Famous for their Affiliate Summit West booths with doormen, security and a velvet rope and guest list, apparently that wasn’t enough to keep them in business. We hope none of our readers lost $ due to this!

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Need unique content for your website at a reasonable cost?

Posted by on 12:18 am in Uncategorized | 0 comments has writers that can write unique content for your website/blog/etc. Pricing is done on a per-word basis and the price ranges depending on the quality rating of the writer. This can be a good place to help get content to kickstart a new website or blog. Check them out at:

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Google adds WordPress plugin for Adsense

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Google has just announced a plugin for WordPress to make it easy to incorporate your adsense publisher code. The image below shows you where you can drop your code in easily after adding your google publisher ID: Here is the download link:...

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